Provincial Reps

2024 North Island Festival of Performing Arts Dance

All Reps and Alternates/MPs will have their Registration Fee to PABC paid as their award.

Provincial Reps

Ballet (Level 1) RepFinley Kovacs#113 Pas deux Giselle 
Ballet (Level 2) RepBrynn Binder#149 Mistero
Modern (Level 1) RepSaija McClinton#044 Ultimatum
Modern (Level 1) RepAmelia Switzer#023 Infinite
Modern (Level 2) RepMaria Pettigrew#172 Grace Alone
Modern (Level 2) RepAva Switzer#046 Flesh and Blood
Modern (Level 3) RepAvari Dodd#201 Blood in my Mouth
Modern (Level 3) RepLiam Hurley#104 Apoptosis
Stage (Level 1) RepAmrynn Goldney#365 Celebrate
Stage (Level 2) RepIsla Melanson#392 Pharoahs
Stage (Level 3) RepShaylee Gardiner#416 Famous
* These students participate at the Provincial Festival; which can only be done by qualifying through a local festival like NIFPA.

Alternates/ Dance MPs**

Alternate Ballet (Level 2)Calla Cunningham
Alternate Modern (Level 1)Kai DeVito
Alternate Modern (Level 2)Ava Lazzarino
Alternate Modern (Level 3)Shaylee Gardiner
Alternate Stage (Level 1)Kai DeVito
Alternate Stage (Level 2)Maria Pettigrew
Alternate Stage (Level 3)Avari Dodd
**These students are invited to attend all “daily dance performances” at no additional fee, although they do not take an active part in these events. Participants may also attend any Music/Vocal/Speech Arts classes, workshops and adjudications at no additional fee. They will also be expected to perform one selection in a Concert and a couple of workshops.

Merited Participants***

Merited ParticipantsName
Ballet (Level 2)Heidi Holland
Modern (Level 2)Sophie Martin
Modern (Level 3)Keana Jeffs
Stage (Level 1)Delaney Delves
Stage (Level 1)Harper Pugh
Stage (Level 2)Sophie Martin
Stage (Level 2)Miley Konrad
Stage (Level 2)Ava Lazzarino
Stage (Level 2)Peyton Feltham
Stage (Level 3)Rianna Crompton
*** Students recommended to attend Provincials in a different role. They may serve as an alternate to the rep but only when recommended by the adjudicator. This is a good opportunity for participants to attend without the pressure of competition.

Virtual Groups****

Virtual Group Class Name
Class 300 EssenceEchoes and Arias
Class 400 PowerBamboo Banga
Class 400 PowerClumsy
Class 500 PerformanceRiver
**** Groups chosen by adjudicators to compete virtually at the Provincial festival

Provincial Eligibility Information

Eligibility Recap

We have compiled this recap to help manage the overwhelming information given out.
However, if any questions remain or are not covered

General Eligibility Rules that apply to all disciplines:

The Boundaries for the North Island Festival of Performing Arts are:

S.D. 69 Qualicum-Parksville                          S.D. 70 Alberni

S.D. 71 Comox Valley                                      S.D. 72 Campbell River

S.D. 84 Vancouver Island West                     S.D. 85 Vancouver Island North

S.D.  47 Powell River                                        S.D. 68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith

To be eligible for Provincial Recommendations participants must study and be entered by a studio within NIFPA boundaries.


To be eligible for Provincial recommendation, a dancer must have participated with 2 or more solo classes in the dance discipline for which they are being recommended (i.e. Ballet, Stage or Modern) and study within our boundaries and achieve a minimum of 85% or better for each solo (see Rules and Guidelines).  Dancers must also attend the Adjudicator’s Workshop for their discipline.

Two contrasting selections within the recommended Discipline must be performed – the first to be performed must be the qualifying solo from the NIFPA Festival. The second solo is chosen at the discretion of the participant but must fall within the definitions of the provincial syllabus and does not need to have been performed previously.

Dance Age Categories (3-minute time limit for all solos):

Ballet Level I – 10 to 12 years; Ballet Level II – 15 years and under; Ballet Level III – 18 years and under

Stage Level I – 10 to 12 years; Stage Level II – 15 years and under; Stage Level III – 18 years and under

Modern Level I – 10 to 12 years; Modern Level II – 15 years and under; Modern Level III – 18 years and under

Provincial Level Recognized Dance Disciplines

Ballet:  Demi-Pointe Classical, Pointe Classical, Demi-Character, Character and Interpretive.

Stage:  Tap, Jazz or Lyrical Jazz (cannot take 2 jazz #’s to provincials), Variety (our Modern Stage), Song and Dance (solos 4 minutes max.), Street (can only be 2nd solo, not qualifying), and Acrobatic dance.

Modern:  Modern and Contemporary.

Competitors only have to be present for the entire performance of the level and discipline in which they are involved.

PABC Definitions of Disciplines may be different than our festival. Please read their definitions before you attend Provincials!