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Encore performances 

All Provincial Reps will be invited to perform a solo at the Provincial Showcase.  Alternates/MPs are invited to attend and be celebrated.

Dance Gala:  The recommendations for group dances from the Adjudicators are chosen for their entertainment value and excellence.  Gala provides an entertaining showcase of our dance festival.

OUR WRAP UP SHOWS ARE FUNDRAISERS and we appreciate your support of these excellent shows. More information will be provided on tickets for the Dance Gala closer to the date.

Special Awards and Trophies

The following awards/trophies listed are received by festival participants through adjudicator recommendations.   Some are direct Sponsor Donations and others are awarded through the NIFPA Awards fund.


Primary Ballet Award ($)

Most Entertaining Trophy

For the Love of Dance Trophy and Award ($) (in memory of Charlotte Rose Martell)   

Courtenay Budget Brake & Muffler Sponsor

9 years and under – Soloist

Any age – Groups

Any age – Soloist

Criteria: This award to go to a child of any age who shows a genuine love for dance. Recipient does not have to be the most talented or technical dancer, it’s to be awarded to a child who lives and breathes to dance, who has a genuine passion for it.  “To celebrate a child who cannot stand still when there is music playing, and loves to dance.”   This is exactly who Charlotte was. So young she had barely any training yet she was such an amazing little personality and dance was her own genuine expression of love.


Primary Modern Award ($)

Helix Dance Theatre Society Award ($)

9 years and under – Soloist

Any age – Solo

Most Entertaining Trophy

Any age – Group


Primary Jazz, Tap or Modern Stage Award ($)

Most Entertaining Stage($)

Most Entertaining Tap($)

Most Entertaining Trophy

9 years and under – Soloist

Any age – Solo

Any age – Solo

Any age – Group

Hip Hop

Most Entertaining Hip Hop ($)

Most Entertaining Trophy

Any age – Solo

Any age – Group

Summer Program Scholarships

Helix/Innovate Summer Dance Camp

Triple Heat Dance Summer – Production Camp

Triple Heat Dance Summer – Contemporary/Ballet

Ballet Victoria Conservatory Summer Program – partial scholarship

Ballet Victoria Conservatory Summer Program – partial scholarship

Canadian College of Performing Arts – partial scholarship



 Scholarship Information

North Island Festival of Performing Arts Student Scholarships


1. Participants living and studying with NIFPA boundaries, which are

School District 68        Nanaimo/Ladysmith

School District 69        Qualicum/Parksville

School District 71        Comox Valley

School District 84        Vancouver Island West

School District 70        Alberni

School District 72        Campbell River

School District 85        Vancouver Island North

School District 47          Powell River

2. Participants who have performed in two (2) consecutive festivals (including the year of  application) whose entries made them eligible for consideration as a representative at the Provincial Festival

3. In the year of application, applicants must be registering in a full-time or part-time post-secondary program at a recognized education institution.

4. Previous scholarship winners are not eligible.

Eligible applicants may send an essay describing how festival has impacted their life and submit it by mail to PO Box 3193, Courtenay, BC V9N 5N3 or by email to  

Application deadline is April 30th

Box 3193, Courtenay, BC, V9N 5N3

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