Musical Theatre


  1. All Musical Theatre entries must be accompanied by live music. The term “accompanied” shall be held to mean the use of one instrument only. To qualify for a Festival award or Provincial recommendation in Musical Theatre, a participant must enter two solo classes one of which must be a Musical Theatre class. Upon receiving a recommendation to Provincials, representative must have 2 contrasting Musical Theatre pieces with live (piano) accompaniment prepared to perform there.  Please see PABC syllabus for further clarification.
    The marks of two solos must be 85% or higher and will determine if the competitor is eligible to be recommended Provincial recommendations
  2. Routines will be timed from the beginning of the performance to the end.  Presets/bows will not be timed.  These time limits are strictly enforced.  Overtime performances will be “adjudication only”.

All Solos 5 minutes max;   All Groups   6 minutes max;      Productions 10 minutes max



Selection may be chosen from any musical, Broadway musical, or motion picture musical including animated musicals, Disney Movies, etc. Costumes and movement are permitted, but not necessary, as is stage movement and dancing if appropriate.  One stage prop and one hand-held prop may be used.  All classes must be accompanied by live music (piano).

Comedy Class – a MT song from any of the genres as listed above.  This selection must be of a comedic nature.

Ballad Class – a MT song from any of the genres as listed above.  This selection must be one that is serious and of an introspective nature.  No comedy selections permitted.

Golden Age – a MT song from the approximate era of 1940-1960.

Contemporary MT

Additional Repertoire – One own choice selection of Musical Theatre Comedy or Musical Theatre Ballad.  

Motion Picture Theme Song – Title selection taken from a motion picture (Non-musical Theatre)

Cabaret Class – a selection from a Cabaret, Revue or a similar genre collection

National Class This class is required for a National Provincial nomination, but does not guarantee a nomination, as that is strictly at the adjudicator’s discretion.  Three contrasting selections in the MT genre.  Suggested age – 17+


Duets, Trios, or Larger groups will be subdivided when number of entries allows.  See Musical Theatre Solo Classes for descriptions of classes.  All classes must be accompanied by live music (piano).

Comedy Class; Ballad Class; Golden Age; Contemporary MT Class; Motion Picture Theme Song, Cabaret Class

Production Class – the performers are to present a program of 2 selections taken from different or the same musical – in any of the genres listed above.  The adjudication will be based on the total entertainment quality of the performance (vocal and character portrayal).  Time limit 10 minutes.           


All choirs and Barbershop Quartets are requested to perform two selections in contrasting styles.  Musical theatre pieces may be taken from any Standard Operetta or Musical.

       Junior – 19 years and under

       Adult – 20 years and over

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