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Failure to comply with the Festival Rules as stated in the OFFICIAL SYLLABUS will result in the competitor receiving “adjudication only” without a mark.

1. COPYRIGHT: The North Island Festival of Performing Arts Society complies with the Canadian Copyright Act.
Accompanists: The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals has now deemed it permissible to use photocopies for page turns etc., as long as the original is present at the performance.

Photocopies of Music – Festival participants will be permitted to use copies of their music for submission to the registration secretary. This copy will be used by the adjudicator during the participant’s performance. Each participant must have their own copy of the piece(s) they are performing. No sharing of the copies. The photocopies of the music will not be returned to the participants, but will be shredded following the session.

Original Copy of Music – The student/teacher must have an original copy of the music being performed at the festival venue should the discipline chair and/or the adjudicator wish to see it. If the original music is asked for and not produced, the participant will be disqualified.

This new procedure will allow a more efficient check-in. One book for multiple students causes an administrative headache for the volunteers, the discipline chairs and the adjudicator.

2. Liability Waiver:
The North Island Festival of Performing Arts Society (the ‘Society’) is not responsible for any claims, demands or damage to musical instruments, equipment, props, or any other personal property. The Society’s acceptance of a competitor’s application for entry into the North Island Festival will release any responsibility of the Society or volunteers for the Society from claims, demands, damages, actions or causes or action arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to any competitor or any competitor’s personal property incurred while attending or participating in the North Island Festival. This clause shall also apply to all members of the public attending any/all events.

3. Entry/Photograph Authorization:
The studio/teacher acknowledges and agrees that they have parent/guardian authorization for entry in the North Island Festival. In registering the entry form, applicant(s) acknowledge and agree that they are giving their consent that photographs taken by the person acting on behalf of the Society of participants/students/dancers may be used by the Society for promotional and fund raising purposes, may be released to the media and remain the property of the Society.

4. The competitions shall be under the management of the Board of Directors. Any questions not dealt within these rules shall be referred to the Board of Directors through the President and the decisions of The Board shall be final and binding on all concerned.

5. The Festival Board may, at its discretion, cancel any one section (or discipline) where the number of entries is not sufficient to warrant holding that section. In such an event, the entry fees will be returned.

6. The Festival Board reserves the right to alter the time for any competition if special circumstances warrant, and due notification of such change being given.

7. The Boundaries for the North Island Festival of Performing Arts are:
S.D. 68 Nanaimo Ladysmith             S.D. 69 Qualicum-Parksville
S.D. 72 Campbell River                      S.D. 47 Powell River
S.D. 71 Comox Valley                         S.D. 85 Vancouver Island North
S.D. 70 Alberni                                    S.D. 84 Vancouver Island West

To qualify for NIFPA Awards or to be eligible for Provincial Recommendations participants must study/train within NIFPA boundaries and for dance – must be entered under a studio within these boundaries as independent entries are not allowed. Each discipline also has special conditions to meet as well, please read those rules to ensure compliance is met.

8. Stage deportment may be considered by the adjudicator as part of the overall evaluation. Competitors in the Music and Speech Arts disciplines are expected to dress in concert style.

9. The Festival Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any of the arrangements detailed in the Syllabus or Program as it deems necessary.

10. The Festival Board of Directors is unable to provide an official accompanist.

11. Complaints or protests must be made, in writing, to the NIFPA Board, not to the Adjudicator, and accompanied by a protest fee of $20.00. The fee will be returned in full should the protest be sustained. The Protest Committee will be composed of three members of the Festival Board, whose decision shall be final. The complaints can be hand mailed to the NIFPA at Box 3193, Courtenay, B. C. V9N 5N3.

12. Awards and Concerts
(a) As per each discipline’s requirements (i.e. 3 solos or 2 solos), a number of awards may be given to encourage and assist worthy entrants in their pursuit of artistic studies. The number of awards will depend on the amount of money in the award fund for that particular discipline.
(b) Any entrant may be chosen to perform at the Festival Variety Showcase or the Dance Gala and must be prepared to appear if requested by the Committee. It would be appreciated if all participants would attend the Festival Variety Showcase in support of the performers.
(c) If sufficient funds are available, additional money will be given to students participating in the Provincial finals to assist with travel costs.

13. Separate classes shall be provided for each grade only when enrollment is sufficient to justify doing so. In the event that enrolment numbers do not warrant scheduling a separate class, this class shall be combined with either the class above or below it. If any class has an unusually large enrollment, this class may be divided accordingly (ie in all dance disciplines, classes are divided when they reach 10 entries).

14. Performance Check-In (Speech Arts and Music):
(a) One photocopy (or an original copy) of the selection must be submitted for the use of the Adjudicator for each student. Such copies must be clearly marked with the competitor’s name and class to be handed to the adjudicator when participant’s name is called. Check in at the start of each session tends to be busy. You may want to allow more time if you are in the beginning of a session. This copy will be shredded after adjudicator is finished. Original must be in the building.
(b) One original copy must be used by the accompanist.
(c) Music must be numbered at the beginning of each line to assist the Adjudicator in making specific remarks.

15. Competitors should be in the venue at least fifteen minutes before their session is scheduled to begin.

16. Communication with the adjudicator by or on behalf of competitors, teachers, coaches, or parents prior to competition and the presentation of awards is absolutely forbidden. It is, however, understood that necessary training and discussion may take place between the performer and adjudicator during adjudications, workshops and master classes.

17. A deduction of marks will be made in cases where pieces are not memorized, except for Ensemble classes.

18. The adjudicator is not compelled to select a Provincial competitor in each section. To be considered for recommendation by the adjudicator to attend the Provincial Festival, a participant must have received a mark of 85 or over on recommended entries and fulfill each disciplines’ eligibility requirements. Any competitor receiving a Provincial nomination from another Festival that they have not declined is ineligible for a nomination to the PABC Provincial Festival from the NIFPA.

19. Competitors shall not commence before the Adjudicator gives the signal. The Adjudicator may terminate the performance at will.

20. In order for a competitor to receive a Placement of First, Second or Third; he/she must obtain a mark of at least 80%. No ties for 1st place are permitted. Dance Only-entry must obtain a mark of 85% to receive a first place. Adjudicator’s discretion will be respected.

21. The Adjudicator’s decision shall be final.

22. Time limits will be strictly enforced in all disciplines

23. No rehearsals on the theatre stage once the Festival begins.  Dancers may warm up on stage prior to each session.

24. No videos, cameras or tape recording allowed during the sessions. Cell phones, pagers, watches with alarms, etc. must be turned off in the theatre.

25. Absolute silence must prevail during each performance – this is most important in the Music and Speech Arts Venue. In moving about the venue, competitors must do so quickly and must not move or talk during the performance or adjudications.

26. If an entrant has to withdraw from a class for any reason, please notify NIFPA in advance. We have a FB page where messages can be left and our website, has contact information or email

27. All marks are confidential.


Closing Date for Entries: NOVEMBER 15TH by 10:00 PM – No exceptions

Before completing your entry online, please read the following information carefully.

1. All competitions are open to amateurs only. Special Open and Professional classes are available where noted in this Syllabus. The term “amateur” shall mean one who is studying under a qualified teacher and whose principal income is not derived from services or from solo performances in the particular category in which he or she is competing. This does not apply to student teachers who instruct or accept money from time to time for the purpose of applying it to the furtherance of their particular category of education. This condition does not apply to conductors of choirs.

2. Payment will be through the computerized registration system to be received no later than 10 p.m., November 15th.
November 15th is also the deadline to register for Dance Workshops as part of participant’s provincial rep eligibility.

3. No refunds are permissible, except for accident or illness. Requests for refunds are to be in writing (emails acceptable) and accompanied by a physician’s letter (scanned version for emails acceptable).

4. Instructions for computer registration (entry) can be found on else where on this website – .

5. Accepted age for classes shall be as of December 31st of the year preceding Festival. The North Island Festival relies on the integrity of the teachers/studios in this regard.

6. Where definite age groups are specified, such as under 11 and 14, etc., or where definite stages of musical progressions are specified, competitors may enter only once in one such classification within any one section.

7. All classes are both competitive and non-competitive and performances will be programmed separately unless requested otherwise.

8. Non-Competitive classes are for adjudication only (no marks).

Box 3193, Courtenay, BC, V9N 5N3

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